A Brief Introduction

A stranded englishman opens a small, ‘appointment only’ record spot, just in time for a global pandemic.


Located in an unassuming back yard, stands a handsome workshop conversion, which stores a lot of record crates and a well oiled listening deck. A vinyl Oasis, in the quiet streets of Eimsb├╝ttel.


We prefer to focus on second hand vinyl as it can turn up some more unexpected sounds. And I like the smell. Whether it’s electronic dance, disco, dub, library music or something heavier, there are pearls to be found here.


If you would like to come and browse the stock, or if you have a proposal, please let us know via either the Contact Form on this website or Email. You can also use the contact number for SMS, Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram. If you prefer, you can just as easily send a message on Instagram or Facebook.


Of course, we are also selling to the world, via Discogs. Only a fraction of what we stock is on there but if you see something you like, you can always contact us about it directly. Orders can be mailed out, or collected in Hamburg.